24apr 2024
FULL moon meditation & singing and dancing celebration

Bharat Dhingra

Celebrate life with an active meditation, and afterwards dancing, singing and making music in a meditative way. 

"To merge into Dance, and Meditation will follow on its own accord" - Bharat - 



18.50 door open 

19.00-20.15 active meditation 

20.15-21.00 singing, dancing, making music meditatively. 

If you want to bring your instrument, perform a song or dance, you are very welcome. 

Every time will be different. In the past we had live harp music, mantra singing, belly dancing, singing bowls concert, Kirtan etc. Some impressions are published on the gallery page. 


"Life is full of challenges. These challenges are not to reach to the moon or to climb to the peak of the Mount Everest. These challenges are not outside, they are within ourselves. How can I be contented? How can I come up from my misery mind? How can I be free from anger, sadness, jealousy? How I can live a stress-free and healthy life? ­­How to transform these challenges? If we did not explore to our inner reality, then we can have all successes like career, money, properties but we will remain shallow, empty, and discontented in our life. Meditation helps to transform all negative emotions like anger, jealousy into love. Meditation helps to live a stress-free life. Life becomes contented and meaningful." - Bharat Dhingra - 

Price: 24,- 

Early bird price if you book minimum 1 week in advance: 19,- (use the code EARLYBIRD when booking your place)



24 apr 2024
19.00 - 21.00
24,00 Early bird discount € 5,00


Y&D Group for Awareness & Health
Nassaulaan 39
2011 PB Haarlem


FULL moon meditation & singing and dancing celebration